About Me

aboutmeredo2019-01Hello! Welcome to A Dash of Adrienne.

I’m so happy you’ve found your way to my little corner of the internet. A Dash of Adrienne is everything I love from my travel destinations to the jewelry I wear everyday, wrapped up in a nice little package with shoppable links and way too detailed travel guides. I started my blog back in high school, when I felt an urge to let out my creativity for other people to see online. Since then I’ve learned a few things, almost quit multiple times, and grown more than I could imagine in the content creating world. I create online to inspire other girls, help people with travel recommendations, and share my clothing obsessions. I hope you enjoy this little place as much as I enjoy cultivating it everyday! And here is a little bit about me…

I am a college student at Clemson University from Columbus, Ohio. Essentially I have a home in the midwest, a heart in the south, and my head perpetually on its way to my next travel destination. I come from a big family of seven, whose chaos is endlessly inspiring. I’m an avid type-A list maker, and the pickiest eater you’ll ever meet. I value creativity, especially in fashion. I love expressing myself through clothes, BUT I have a huge weak spot for anything comfortable and casual. What can I say, I’m a true midwestern gal. I would best describe my style as all over the place – but in a general realm. I love trendy, but girly fashion with neutral tones.


Here are a few of the questions I always get asked – just in case you’re wondering too! XO


Q: How do you edit your photos?

A: I use a lightroom preset! AND it’s free! Click here for my video tutorial.

Q: Where did you study abroad/What tips do you have?

A: I studied abroad in Florence, Italy. You can read my top study abroad tips here, my guide to Florence here, and my how to travel to Italy post here.