About Me

Hey, what’s up! I’m Adrienne and welcome to adashofadrienne.com – a site for fashion, beauty, travel, and everything in between. My main goal was to create a place online  where you can leave feeling inspired and motivated. And beyond that – to leave feeling like you can go out into the world an express your unique point of view in its most authentic form.

Fashion was always a huge inspiration for me, and I love being able to match my personality to my outfit. You know, some days you’re feeling a giant hoodie and other days it’s a tight dress and heels. But no matter what, it’s always ME!

A little bit more about me, since this is in fact an about me page. I’m a student at Clemson and originally from Columbus, Ohio. I love clothes, smoothies in the morning, lavender candles and my cat Cleo. I’m an Aries-Pisces cusp, INFJ and Enneagram 3 (only a few people are going to actually care about this information). If you have anymore questions for me, reach out via DM! My instagram is always linked in the sidebar (@adashofadrienne if the widget ever stops working – still got plug myself). THANK YOU for visiting my site! I hope you enjoy your time in my little corner of the internet.

xx, Adrienne


Here are a few of the questions I always get asked – just in case you’re wondering too! XO

Q: How do you edit your photos?

A: I use Lightroom presets! Specifically ‘Presets By Claire’.

Q: Where did you study abroad/What tips do you have?

A: I studied abroad in Florence, Italy. You can read my top study abroad tips here, my guide to Florence here, and my how to travel to Italy post here.