20 Things I Want To Accomplish in 2020

I hate resolutions. They drive me insane. I like to think that whenever I want to make a change in my life I can do just that the next day, or even the next hour. And while this is true, I’m starting to embrace that the new year (and in this case new decade) is a wonderful time to get excited about the experience and opportunities that wait for me in the near future.

So I decided to create a list of things I’d like to accomplish in 2020. Not to hold myself to unrealistic standard of constant hustle – but to reference when I need to remember who I am and what my goals are. Where I really want to go and who I really want to be. I hope that reading through my goals, even if we don’t share many, will inspire you to create your own list of personalized goals that you can reference when you forget what it is you really want your life to look like.

Happy New Year everyone! & here are my 20 goals for 2020 (and beyond)…

  1. Graduate from Clemson.
  2. Move to New York City.
  3. Get my first big girl job!
  4. Move into my first apartment.
  5. Read more books.
  6. Write more stories.
  7. Continue learning about myself + growing.
  8. Spend less money on things on things and more on experiences.
  9. Travel somewhere I’ve never been before.
  10. Make decisions based on whats right for me and not “what I’m supposed to do”.
  11. Be more vulnerable + open on social media and my blog.
  12. Work on my youtube and video editing skills.
  13. Set healthy boundaries for with my relationships.
  14. Dream bigger.
  15. Work on my health and fitness.
  16. Make more coffee at home.
  17. Learn how to cook new and different meals.
  18. Be more daring with my style choices.
  19. Hold myself accountable for reaching my goals (and not being too hard on myself if life has other plans).
  20. Stop playing the comparison game.

Best of luck in the new year everyone! We will achieve big things if we believe we will 🙂 What are your goals for 2020? Head over to my instagram to discuss!

Thanks for reading!

xx, Adrienne

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