Q+A: Post Grad Plans, Dating in College, and More.

Hi friends! Today I’m answering some questions so that you can get to know me a little bit better. I was planning on answering these in a Youtube video BUT unfortunately my memory card I used to film the video won’t export to my laptop so here we are!

Before I start answering I wanted to give you guys a quick intro about me if you’re new. I’m a senior at Clemson University studying Graphic Communications (a big mashup of marketing, print, graphic design, etc.) and I’m originally from Columbus, Ohio. I started my blog in high school as a creative outlet, before blogging was the norm! I love clothes, coffee shops, and my cat Cleo! Anyways, if you asked any of these questions you are AMAZING thank you – hope you enjoy xx.

Q: How Do You Stay Organized?

A: Not to be that girl but practice makes perfect. I have always enjoyed being organized but it was trial and error to see what worked best for me! I now use a note on my phone/laptop (they connect through my cloud) that has days of the week where I can update my every changing activities and to do lists. This helps me to plan ahead, but not to plan TOO far ahead so I can stay present. I will insert a sample week below! I also discuss it at the end of this vlog.

Q: Favorite + Least Favorite Thing About Clemson?

My favorite thing about Clemson is the people I’ve met here, and the community feel. Everyone really loves it here and I’ve never felt “out of place”. It’s also SO nice that everyone dresses so casual because there’s less pressure on class days! My least favorite thing about Clemson is probably just how small of a town it is. It’s great because Clemson is SO safe and there aren’t many distractions, but I know I’m a big city type so I try to plan trips here and there so I don’t go stir crazy! Especially senior year.

Q: What is your shoot schedule like at school/who takes your photos?

At school I take pictures with whoever can whenever they can. I don’t have the time or resources to go out of my way to do shoots, but usually Stephen (my boyfriend) is shooting me and it’s on a Sunday! Also before she graduated my friend Morgan did a lot of shoots with me – she is @morgtakespictures on Instagram and she is amazing! SO sad she isn’t in Clemson anymore lol.

Q: What is your living situation this year?

This year I’ve upgraded from the apartment life and we are living in a house! I have three roommates (all pictured above) who are all in my sorority and we LOVE where we live. It’s a little further off campus but it is so much nicer with so much more space for pretty much the same price. Bedroom tour coming soon!

Q: Favorite Trader Joes item?

Hands down the vegan pesto is my favorite item from Trader Joes. It’s AMAZING on pasta or grilled cheese. I also love the roasted garlic hummus, the everything but the bagel seasoning, and the Honey Mamas they have at T Joes now! AH-mazing.

Q: Fave skincare product right now?

I LOVE my skincare routine right now. I use the Proactiv 3 step routine and it’s really been amazing. It’s an exfoliating face wash, toner, and moisturizer. Besides that I love the Dr. Dennis Gross peel pads (pictured), Ole Hendrikson cold plunge pore mask, and Laneige lip mask.

Q: What are your post grad plans?

As of right now I don’t have much planned out at all. My entire life has always been about the next ‘plan’ and I think it’s time I try to break that cycle! My dream is to move to New York City and work in social media marketing. Ideally at a fashion, beauty, or tech company – but hey who really knows! I will be graduating in August 2020 because I have a few classes to finish up in the Summer. So I have an extra little cushion of time which isn’t a bad thing after all! My classes during the Summer are online, so I’m going to live at home to save up for my move.

Q: Favorite alcoholic drink?

SO disclaimer yes I am 21! I will be 22 in March – so crazy. When I go out to bars I usually get made fun of for what I order BUT I enjoy it so who care! I usually order a vodka water with lemons. I’d have to say an Aperol Spritz (what I’m drinking in the photo above!) or a glass of red wine is my fave though!

Q: Dating advice for college students?

DO YOU. Learn about yourself, focus on classes, clubs, or making new friends. If a relationship comes into the picture great! But in my opinion seeking one out never really works – they always find you when you’re ready. So if you really want a relationship, become the best version of yourself first.

Q: Favorite part about college – social and educational?

My favorite thing about college was BY FAR studying abroad. You can read my posts about tips here. If you’re thinking about studying abroad you HAVE TO DO IT! It will teach you so so much. Besides that, I would say my favorite thing is definitely being in such a bubble. Everyone is doing the same thing which makes it feel like a community. Educationally, I love that my major is smaller which means more hands on individual attention. I’m terrible at learning in large lecture halls and I know so many other people feel the same. My classes are usually 30 people max and my labs are about half that max.

Q: How to make money as a blogger?

I’m not going to pretend that I make an income from blogging/Instagram because I definitely don’t! I make money here and there, and some collaborations are for product exchange. But to answer this questions as a blogger you can make money on sponsored posts, videos, instagrams or stories etc. You can also make money from affiliate links such as Amazon or Reward Style. I love this article that really breaks it all down if you want more!

THANKS FOR READING! If you have any more questions please reach out. xx, Adrienne


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