10+ Influencer Networks For Bloggers

Influencer networks are a great place to connect with brands as a blogger! Even if you aren’t getting a million and one brand deals right away, it’s important to get your name out there so brands can see you grow. When I was researching influencer networks it was so hard to find good ones! Some of them were a little bit sketchy and others simply weren’t in my niche. SO here I am compiling a post for you guys that holds all the information I wish I had known.


Activate has a list of ongoing campaigns opportunities with lifestyle brands that you are able to apply to at any time. Sometimes campaigns have specific requirements as far as number of followers, demographic etc. This is a great place to look for food and wellness campaigns! I was invited to a paid Tinder campaign on Activate, but I’m in a relationship so… It didn’t work out. Lol – Join here.

beauty collaborations for bloggers, coola, sunscreen
See my Coola collab here.


This is one of my favorite platforms for collaborations, because brands reach out to you and communication is seamless. There are set expectations and deadlines in advance which is super helpful. On AspireIQ I was able work with Coola twice. Apply here!

beauty brand collaboration for bloggers, neutrogena, mirror photo
See my Neutrogena collab here.


Brandbacker is a great platform for beauty collabs. You apply to various campaigns that they post, and sometimes you will be contacted directly. This is a great database to be a part of because they work with some awesome brands. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Neutrogena and Peter Thomas Roth through this platform! You can sign up here.


Clever has tons of lifestyle campaigns that you can apply to on your dashboard once you are a member. Food and beauty are what I have seen most commonly – but what’s cool about Clever is that you can apply to campaigns of all sorts. For example, a blog series, instagram post series, content reviews and more. This is a great platform for the lifestyle influencer looking to connect with everyday brands. Join here.


Fohr is awesome because not only can they connect you to brands, but they analyze your audience and statistics to make it easier for you to see information about yourself that brands are dying to know! Engagement rates, demographics, the whole nine yards. They even create a ‘press kit’ you can download and send to brands. This is a great network to join if you’re looking for more tools and info on the content world! Sign up here.

InfluenceHer Collective

This is a network of women content creators that has a great social platform. You can join a Facebook group, get featured on their Instagram page, or even write for their newsletters and website. They email out campaign opportunities with all different types of brands such as Maybelline, H&M, Walmart and more. I was able to work with Clarisonic on this platform. Apply here!


Obviously is an awesome and straightforward network. They work with brands such as Lyft, Sephora, Saks Off Fifth and more and invite you to campaigns by email. This is a great platform for any beauty or lifestyle blogger to be a part of to get their name out there and let brands know they are interested. You can sign up here.


Octoly is beauty and fashion focused, and is also application based. Once you get in you have access to various opportunities to receive and promote different products from brands such as Lancome, Fresh, YSLbeauty, and more. Apply here!

Social Fabric

Social Fabric is an online community that connects creators and brands. Creators can apply to various campaigns, chat in forums, and earn rewards that can lead to cash. Again, lots of food and wellness brands are what I have seen on these platforms which is great for lifestyle bloggers. Apply here.

Social Native

Social Native is similar to Activate or Clever in the way that you are alerted of campaigns and you can apply to them. They have plenty of lifestyle campaigns from brands like Windows, Proactiv, and more. I like that they theme their campaigns such as “Back To School” or something along those lines, this helps you differentiate which campaigns will fit best with your brands. Sign up here!


Sway is another lifestyle platform, I most commonly see food and wellness products here, as well as some motherhood and charity stuff! Sway is awesome because they send out a newsletter weekly, updating you on campaigns and giving tips and deals. You can join Sway here.

You can check out all of my collaborations on this page. A lot of these I owe to Influencer Networks like the ones above! If you’re feeling discouraged about brand work, just remember that this takes time. You got it!

xx, Adrienne


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