The Most Instagrammable Spots in Florence Italy

Florence, Italy is one of those places that is always surprising you. Every corner you turn has a new and interesting gelato shop, stunning view, or breathtaking gardens. After living in Florence for four months while I was studying abroad, I had a list of places I knew I could go to really get a solid Instagram photo. In this post I have my top 10 spots that will just really enhance the Insta game. Among these are some cute coffee shops, a view classic Florence destinations, and some insta-worthy food. Enjoy!

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1 // La Menagere

This quiet little coffee shop is the perfect place to pose with a cappuccino. It’s covered in flowers and has tons of insta-worthy pastries as well.

2 // Piazzale Michelangelo


The best view of the city, especially at sunset! You can see the Duomo and all of the beautiful Italian buildings, and the best part is that everyone is snapping photos so you’ll blend right in! It’s a hike to get up here, so wear comfy shoes… and maybe just don’t get those in the shot?

3 // The View From San Miniato Church


The view from San Miniato is just a little higher up than Piazzale Michelangelo. You can truly see everything from here and it is so insanely beautiful. Also, the San Miniato church is absolutely stunning – for my art history class we took a walk through the inside and learned all about it. It’s a hike to get up here, but once you do it is WORTH IT!

4 // Boboli Gardens


It costs a little bit of money to get in here, but is free the first Sunday of every month. The cool thing about this place is you also get access to the Pitti Palace when you buy your ticket (see next point). I could spend hours wandering through these gardens – they are so vast and beautiful and green.

5 // Pitti Palace


Fashion lovers. This one is for you! I absolutely fell in love with the designs at the Pitti Palace. Everything from long gowns to sequined designs will leave you with hearts in your eyes. There is also of course a MASSIVE interior part of the palace with art and gorgeous bedrooms, which should not be missed. The fashion displays are just so unique and often overlooked, I had to highlight them!

6 // Golden View Restaurant + Bar


So the real sight to see here is the pizza… And the wine honestly. But besides those, this place has the most perfect view of the Ponte Vecchio. The food is also not as expensive as you would think – and this is coming from a broke college student!

7 // The Gucci Museum


You have honestly probably already seen this on Instagram, but all of the cool styles and fun sayings on the wall make for super cool photo opportunities. Gucci has such a trendy vibe that it is super fun to see come to life in a museum. In my opinion it’s a little bit pricey for a small museum but it is free for students with a Visa!

8 // Newscafe


The prettiest cappuccinos you ever will see. On each coffee the barista does a different design – the most famous being the Duomo. If you’re looking for an artsy coffee snapshot to spice up your feed this is the perfect place. AND they’re delicious!

9 // The Duomo


The most obvious choice of all. The Duomo is by far the most beautiful, breathtaking part of Florence. Snap as many pictures as you want – everyone else is doing it too! Outfit pictures look better here, food in the air (see above photo), and anything else you can imagine. Grab a gelato and Instagram it up.

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