Blue Light Glasses: Do They Work?

So I feel like over the past year or so, blue light glasses have become this new trendy item to purchase. I had to hop on the bandwagon, for you know scientific research purposes, so when DIFF gifted me a pair I was all for it (not sponsored, just gifted). I put all of my thoughts and feelings about my experience wearing blue light glasses into the video above. I felt like talking + showing was an easier way for you guys to really understand my little experiment. But in this blog post I wanted to link all of my favorite blue light glasses picks, as well as the blue light glasses I wear everyday. My glasses are on the pricer side (BUT on sale right now for $35!), but the quality and style are seriously amazing, plus they come with a sturdy glasses case and a little wipe to make sure they’re clean always (important). I linked a bunch more affordable glasses because I respect a gal on a budget and I am one… So Amazon it is. Shop away, enjoy my video, and SUBSCRIBE! 🙂

Shop my blue light glasses here.

Have you ever tried blue light glasses? What’s your review?

XX, Adrienne


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