Neon For Spring 2019

Whether you’ve made peace with it or not, neon is back. Sometimes I shudder thinking about the themed “neon” parties or games I got decked out for back in high school coming back to haunt me in the fashion world. But low and behold, fashion does what fashion wants. I decided to cave (kind of) and at least try out ONE measly sweater. I have to say in all honesty I am enjoying it. This sweater is on the muted side of all of the neon greens everywhere, but it still did the job and I will be slapping a neon pink, green, or yellow on my nails ASAP. It’s the subtle accessories that count right?

This look is straight from one of my favorite companies – Rent The Runway. I’ve been a huge fan of their message and mission since I listened to them on various entrepreneurial podcasts a few months back, and I have to say I am so excited about being able to work with them. Because of this I’m able to rent designer fashion for a month, and swap it out monthly with the Rent The Runway Update program. Probably the coolest thing ever is that these $400 pants are only $67 a month (plus three other items) with the Rent The Runway Update membership. I think this is great if you’re in the working world and want to spice up your basics, or if you’re at an internship where the attire is a little more prestigious. Definitely something to check out for anyone who wants to try out fashion forward pieces but has commitment issues (@ myself, lol).

I linked all of my pieces below, plus my AMAZING new Doc Martens I am in love with. On your way there, check out all of these fun grunge photos I got! XX


Shop all of these looks on Rent The Runway.

My Pants | My Sweater | My Shoes

More information about the Update program here.

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