If you haven’t heard of ice rolling here’s the low down…

Benefits of using an ice roller:

  • Calms any redness / irritation / inflammation (inflammation is a huge contributor to premature aging and of course breakouts)
  • De-puffs (good for days when you’re puffy from no sleep or bloated)
  • Firms + lifts skin
  • Closes up pores (all cold does this – take a cold shower to reap the same benefits)


How + When To Use:

Stick your roller in the freezer for a couple of hours or until it’s cold enough for you to use.

I always do upward + outward motions when I roll (think cheek to ear or neck to outer chin), and try to roll as if I’m contouring my face – if that makes sense? I ALWAYS use on clean skin (no makeup) and usually use right before I apply my makeup, when I wake up in the morning, and before I go to bed (post cleanse but not after I’m all sticky with oils + moisturizer!). I’ve also heard that it’s a LIFESAVER after waxing or any invasive skin procedures. I always turn as red as a tomato after I get my eyebrows done so I’m excited to test this out.

Ice rolling a great time to sit and relax and really take care of yourself. I love using it while I burn a candle and put on my salt lamp, just to make myself the most serene possible. If I’m feeling ambitious I also throw on a podcast! You can read about my top podcasts here.

I linked the one I bought here, which is only $10 on Amazon.

The stainless steel holds the cold really well. I really think that everyone needs this nice little tool because I mean why not?


Tips + Tricks:

I do have a tip to share with you all about storing your ice roller. I keep mine in the fridge just above my Trader Joe’s mixed berries, and it always seems to come out all frosty and covered in ice. When transporting my ice roller I always keep it in a plastic bag so it doesn’t “melt” on anything – lol. So one day I decided to just throw the ice roller in the fridge in the plastic bag. IT WAS MAGIC! No more icy exterior, and it doesn’t squeak or have trouble going on. I highly recommend doing this when you put it in the fridge!

DISCLAIMER: I am in no way a professional in the skincare world, but all of the things I talked about are things I’ve noticed after using an ice roller daily for almost a month. I’ve read up on the topic before purchasing and while using and I recommend doing the same. Here are some posts I love about ice rolling:

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Hope you enjoyed!

xx, Adrienne

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