7 Things To Do When You Need a Creativity Boost

So you’re in a creative rut. Welcome to the club! Honestly, it happens to all of us. If I’m being transparent it happened to me when I was thinking about my topic for this post. Finding the way out of a creative slump can be time consuming and extremely frustrating, but I’m here to provide some tips that you may not have tried yet. These are things I did to get out of this creative slump and write this post, as well as things I’ve done in the past. I feel like I’m thinking of new ideas constantly, so when they stop coming I sort of panic. But it doesn’t have to be like that! Let’s get into it.


ONE // Write it Out

I feel like almost every successful person I’ve ever known has kept a journal of some sort. I love this because it’s private enough to write whatever you want, and you can really get lost in those juicy flowing thoughts. Even if you don’t have any “thoughts” for your work, you can still always write about something. Heck, write about nothing and see where it takes you. Make lists, write a story, whatever you feel in the moment. And making a habit of this won’t hurt either. I love this post from The Skinny Confidential about writing pages every morning.


TWO // Talk To Like Minded People

THIS. One of my favorite tips. Do you know how much you can learn and grow and be inspired from other people? I swear when I talk to other people about blogging I’m on a high that could keep me working until 5 am. Not only that, but I’m filled with fresh ideas! This past weekend I got together with Morgan (her insta here) from @morgtakespictures and we shot this look. I was so reenergized to go home and write this post. It was like everything was new and fresh in my mind and I was loving it. Find people who love the same things you do and meet them for coffee or lunch. I promise you will not regret it!


THREE // Listen To a Podcast

My favorite tip – and here’s why. Learning new things from different perspectives is life changing. And you can do this while you do your laundry, clean your room, run on the treadmill, or lay in your bed. It’s the best tool productive multi-tasking and I am obsessed. I always listen to them while I drive and at work. And it doesn’t have to be a podcast about something relevant, sometimes the best thing to do is just to clear your mind and listen to a topic that’s unrelated. I have a list + description of my favorite podcasts for the girlboss here.


FOUR // Take a Break & Do Something Fun

Do you ever just feel like your mind is a million places at once? Or maybe even nowhere at all? I feel like pushing yourself over the limit with work is a huge reason for creative ruts. Whenever I take a break and talk to friends, do some yoga, or even cook myself food without (and this is key) thinking about anything elseĀ at all I really reap the benefits.


FIVE // Get Moving

Workout or not, it really doesn’t matter. Walking at a park or just down the street to get coffee is good enough. Take time to stretch, move your legs and reflect. If you can, get out of your house to try and get inspired.


SIX // Organize, Clean, or Any Other Simple Task.

Maybe this one is just me… But after I go through the hectic motions of cleaning my room, reorganizing a drawer, or even cleaning out the fridge I just feel ready to go. When you’re feeling productive, you’re so much more likely to get it done creatively as well. The first step to being productive? Start accomplishing tasks. Literally anything at all helps, maybe even putting away the dishes. This is also the reason so many successful people make their beds in the morning. Because it feels damn good to start your day with a completed task!


SEVEN // Remember Why You Started

… and I mean this in the most serious way possible. JUST REMEMBER! Why did you actually decide to go to college? Why did you take that job? Why did you move to that new city? Why did you start your side hustle? Chances are these intentions were good ones – ones that will benefit you in the long run. And it’s important to know that you don’t have to be perfect, you just have to create and continue creating until you get it right.



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