Life Update: Why I’m Not in School This Semester & More

Hi people of the internet! I have been a bit MIA and I wanted to catch you all up. I am planning on posting on the blog every Friday of this semester which I know is a lot less than usual, but there is so much going on that needs my attention. Making time for this little corner of the web makes me so happy, so of course I’m going to try my best to stay present here. I’ve been getting messages asking where I am + if I’m okay (short answer = yes, I’m 100% fine, lol) and I wanted to address everything in my life so I don’t leave anyone hanging.

After school ended last semester I got home for the Holidays SO drained and exhausted. Last semester was a very full class load + part time job which kept me on campus for sometimes as long as 8 am to 8 pm. I’m so thankful for the opportunities I had last semester to grow and learn, but SHEESH that was a lot of work. I wanted to take a break from pushing myself too hard, and spend time with family. I was also doing 12 Days of Giveaways on Instagram! A few days after Christmas I boarded a plane to California to visit my aunt. I was seriously so excited for this trip, but I’d been off and on sick for the past month or so and when I got on the plane all of those problems seemed to get worse. Long story short I was bed bound for the first few days of the trip and didn’t feel 100% myself until I got back to school.


We got back home to Ohio, and the next day I packed up everything I wanted to take back to my little Clemson apartment. The following morning I drove 9 hours with my kitten to be back in time to start work Monday! You may be wondering why the heck I’m talking about going back to school and then referencing my full time job. For my major (Graphic Communications) we’re required to complete two full time internships before we graduate, one being during a traditional semester of school. This semester I’m working at The Graphic Cow Company as a social media/marketing intern and so far it has been such a blast. I love what I’m doing, the people there, and most of all I love not having classes!


Still a little sick, I worked my first full day and came home just in time to get ready for the national championship game Clemson was playing in. I am in no way a big football gal, but there’s something really special about all of the students in the streets of downtown celebrating our school. That was also our second national championship while I’ve been at school here… Surreal.


So here I am now, sitting in my bedroom on a Sunday night writing this blog post. I survived my first week of work and got to have a super fun super “college” weekend with friends. Tomorrow marks not only my second full week of work, but also the day that my online classes start. I’m taking two classes online this semester in addition to my internship to stay on track to graduate on time (ish). Between working 9-5, two classes, and trying to keep up with the blog, a healthy lifestyle and a social life I’m a little bit overwhelmed with this semester. School has never been my strong suit so it’s nice to have a little break from a full class load. But if we’re being honest here… I in no way have it all together.

Working out has been on the back burner for me lately. So has taking care of myself and eating healthy. I’ve had a lot of pizza and chick fil a in the past few weeks, and honestly my sleep schedule is way off. But hey, that’s college, and we’re all out here doing the very best that we can. I’ve fallen into a lot of comparison traps lately because of social media. It’s so easy to think that you should or could be doing more, or you aren’t doing good enough. I am trying my best to remind myself that each of us have completely different lives and go through completely different things every single day. You doing your best may look nothing like me doing my best, but they are both good.

I constantly think about the fact the ‘what-if’s’ – a habit I’m seriously trying to break. What if I would’ve taken declared an easier major? What if I would’ve worked harder on my blog? What if I had focused more on fitness and health? None of these things, in the end, actually matter that much. I’m trying my best to change my mindset lately, to put a little more faith in the path I’m on and believe that everything truly does happen for a reason. I’m working hard to practice a very relaxed version of manifestation, and just looking at everything in a positive light when things get hard. I think we all need a little bit more of that – we are all SO lucky for things we may not even know we should be.


My whole point of this post was to hopefully let one of you who feels the same know you aren’t alone. Sometimes we need a break because we can’t help trying to keep up with people who are in a completely different phase of life. If you believe that you will end up where you need to be and work hard to get there, you don’t have to know your destination. To anyone who needs to hear it, YOU ARE DOING GREAT! I’m so proud of you.

I’m excited for some ideas I have for upcoming blog posts, about Instagram editing, fashion, travel, and more. As always if you want to see something let me know!

XX, Adrienne

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