How To Design The Cutest Christmas Cards (Easy + Foolproof!) With Basic Invite

The Holidays are RIGHT around the corner and I’m getting into the spirit with my Basic Invite Holiday cards! Look how cute they are, I even got a pink envelope with them! You can get some gorgeous Christmas photo cards that are perfect to send to family and friends or even make the perfect Christmas party invitation for your Holiday get together. If you keep reading I have so much more information on how you can get your own cards and customize them however you like (and a coupon code at the end)!


As a blogger I am SO detail oriented. One of my favorite things about Basic Invite was being able to pick from SO many colors so that I could find exactly what I was looking for. I think I seriously sorted through at least 10-15 different shades of pink before settling on these. My indecisive self was struggling so hard, but it was SO worth it because I got that exact look I wanted. Basic Invite is also one of the only places that will send you a sample of your design before you order your full set. This is super helpful because it’s not easy to communicate digitally what you’re looking for in print. I do a lot of design to print processes at school and I TOTALLY know how that goes.


See that pretty pink envelope in the picture above? Yep, I got to pick that out to match the text on my card. Because I’m such a perfectionist this was SO satisfying to me. On Basic Invite you can customize your ENVELOPE COLOR! Like what?! I love that! And it gets better, planning a party and sending out Christmas cards is easier than ever with Basic Invite’s address capturing service. So basically, you can post on social media requesting all of the address information you need from all of your loved ones. Then, during the design process you can select all of the addresses you want to send it to. This aids in the process of sending out the cards and helps you get everyone on your list checked off!


I hope you guys enjoyed this little post about my Holiday cards! I had so much fun designing and styling these photos. Designing these cards is so much fun and you guys can test it out on the Basic Invite website! You can also get 30% off right now with code ‘holi30’! Happy Holidays everyone 🙂

Thanks For Reading!

xx, Adrienne

* Thanks to Basic Invite for sponsoring this post


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