Gift Guide For The Traveler

Today’s gift guide is all about the girl who is always in an airport or on a road trip. Maybe that’s your best friend, or maybe that’s even you! Either way, I gathered the perfect gifts for any kind of traveler. I picked out the CUTEST luggage I could find, the coziest sweatshirts, allll of the plane accessories, and I even included the water bottle I use every time I travel (and every other day for that matter). I must say my favorite thing by far is the scratch off map. I got that as a gift awhile back and it’s still hanging in my room above my bed! Every time I come home from a trip I love being able to scratch off the places I went, making them colorful and bright!

Hopefully this guide helps you shop for your friend/daughter/sister on the go! Or maybe just add some fun travel accessories to your wishlist. Happy Holidays!


xx, Adrienne

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