What To Get a Girl in Her 20’s For Christmas | My Xmas Wishlist

HOLIDAY SEASON IS UPON US! Not to stress you out or anything, but this means present buying is beginning. So the pressure is on right? Well, hopefully my gift guides can help with that! I want to be a source of stress relief for all of your gift buying and giving needs, and as always to help YOU decide what you want too! I decided to make this a gift guide meets wishlist type deal, because obviously in this case you can be shopping for your friends, your cousin, your roommate… and still be scouting for yourself. I linked all of these items and even more below – so don’t hesitate to scroll through and find some good buys. It’ll save time and the hassle of taking that crazy Christmas Eve Target run.

1 | I AM GIA coat – for the trendy gal who is always on the go, this coat is perfection. It’s the coat of the season and is SO comfy! I’m currently crushing on this coat in black because it would compliment my wardrobe so well. I linked a bunch of similar coats if you aren’t a fan of the original style or if you don’t want to make the splurge.

2 | Airpods – this gift is perfect for college students or post grads who do a ton of walking to class or work. I’ve been eyeing these for awhile now because they’re perfect for workouts and I think I would actually wear headphones more often if they were this easy to wear!

3 | Chunky Knit Blanket – I’m obsessed with this for my bedroom! I love a good statement decor piece and I feel like this would fit in perfectly with my trendy but comfy vibe I have in my room.

4 | Apple Watch – This is such a great way to stay up to date with the notifications on your phone without having to have it right by your side at all times. I also love the fitness portion of the apple watch and really want to make an effort to track how active I am on any given day!

5 |Record Player – I really love the way that record players have come back in style as a functional decor piece. They look so freaking cute + vintage, and they’re so much fun too! I can only imagine myself dancing around my room to a Frank Sinatra song echoing from my record player – that’s the dream!

6 |T3 Micro Blow Dryer – It seems like everyone and their mother own these nowadays. I’m in the market for a blow dryer I like and trust and really want to try this one out! The reviews from other bloggers have been astounding, and you know these girls try out so many products that this one has to be good if they keep using it.

7 | Dr. Martens – I’ve been coveting a pair of cute boots that I can mix and match with my dressy and casual outfits. I feel like Dr. Martens are the perfect shoe for the job. I love the height of them, and I think that an all black trendy combat boot just can’t be beat.

8 | French Press – These are relatively inexpensive and perfect for the coffee lover in your life. I have been seriously wanting to try this kind of coffee for so long and think that its so easy and fun to make!

9 |Capri Blue Candles – These candles smell just as good as they look. I’ve never owned one of these candles but the hype about them is very real because I have smelled them and they are incredible! I love the zodiac candle, and all of the cute patterns!

10 | Nutri Bullet – Being away at school I’ve missed our blender so much and wish I could just make a smoothie to go for class or work! I am a huge smoothie gal and I think the Nutri-bullet is amazing because you can take it with you easily without any messy pours.

Hopefully this post was helpful if you’re shopping for someone else or even making your own wish list!

Thanks For Reading!

xx, Adrienne



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