Trendy Ways To Spice Up Your Sweater Dress

Hey gals! Today I’m talking about sweater dresses. My favorite way to drown myself in the comfiest knitwear and still look chic. A true win for girls everywhere. As much as I love sweater dresses, I can’t help but get a little bit bored putting on my beige turtleneck dress with no designs or detailing. I’m a little bit more fun than that kind of corporate clothing style – or so I like to think! I’ve been experimenting with this sweater dress, though, and I want to share with you all what I’ve found. All of the trendy ways you can dress up your boring old sweater dress so that you can stay as comfortable as possible this Winter and not stray from your fashionista lifestyle.


Show Off Your Funkiest Earrings.

Earrings can change the entire mood of an outfit. Especially right now when this hoop trend is so big. If you don’t want to add anything to your actual outfit – this is such an easy way to spice up your sweater dress.


Rock The Dress + Sneakers Trend While It’s Still Big.

If you don’t LOVE this trend I seriously don’t believe you. Sneakers and a dress is the epitome of comfy chic. Wearing sneakers with your sweater dress will set you apart as someone who has knowledge of current fashion trends and will also make your walk to work (or wherever you are going, girlboss it up) SO much easier on your feet.


Make it Bold With a Belt Bag.

This tip is a little bit more daring than the rest. Woops, I still like it. I know the belt bag trend is a little bit versatile, but I am HERE for it. Who wouldn’t want something to cinch your waist in your paper bag dress and also be able to hold all of your stuff? No one, that’s who.



xx, Adrienne

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