You Need a Teddy Coat This Winter & Here’s Why

Currently on a mission to get a teddy coat in the hands of every gal on the planet. These coats are an all time favorite product for this season, AND I had one last season too! So you better bet this was a quality buy if I repurchased in another color a year later. Last year I bought a Forever 21 knock off of this oh so famous I Am Gia jacket. I wanted to see if it was worth the hype.

And my honest opinion?

It TOTALLY is! As much as I loved my Forever 21 knockoff, the fit was slightly off, and the material got dirty and started to come apart after awhile. It wasn’t a bad purchase by any means, but with the amount I want to wear this jacket I need the material to be tough as nails. And that’s exactly what this jacket is! It’s so durable. I love this coat because it’s absolutely picture perfect for every single occasion or event. Going to class? You’ll be warm + look chic. Going to an event? Throw it on over your mini dress and still be the trendiest one there. Running to the grocery store in your PJ’s? The oversized and fuzzy combo can help make it a casual ~look~ lol!

I’m such a firm believer in spending a fair amount of money on a really good product. I know this sounds like common sense, but in the reality of it all so many people don’t make these kind of purchases! I’m not a big splurge girl, I tend to stray from those type of purchases naturally unless the product is something I’m really into. But I DO get sucked into the cheap trap! You know, when you buy so much stuff because you’re part of the consumerist culture and it costs $20 for a shirt, hat, and a pair of pants? But you can’t even wear them more than once because they fall apart within a day? Yeah, that’s the trap I’m trying to steer away from.

This coat was around $60 – which for me is on the expensive side. BUT if I wear this coat everyday (which I almost have so far!) From October to February, it will cost me roughly 40 cents a day. THAT is a damn bargain if I can wear it again next year too. Buying quality items for a fair price is smart shopping and I’m here for it – so yeah, just another reason you need an I Am Gia coat for this winter/fall.

Shop my look + more teddy coat options below. XO


xx, Adrienne

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