TRAVEL GUIDE: Weekend in Nashville

Finally showing you all what we did during our weekend in Nashville! It was definitely more on the lowkey side – it was a short trip while school was in and we were¬†very¬†tired. But I think we hit some really fun spots, and if you’re a college student in the same boat I’m sure you’ll appreciate our relatable and not too over the top itinerary. I posted two different outfit diaries from Nashville, and you can read the first one here and the second one here if you’re curious about what I wore! Now moving on to all of the fun things we did…

When I travel there are a few things I really have to hit. A cute coffee shop, some sort of shopping, and a cute area to take photos! I love doing all of those things as well as hitting the staple “must see” places because, well, they’re must see for a reason right?!

We started our road trip from South Carolina to Nashville, Tennessee on Friday afternoon, and ran into SO MUCH traffic. I swear it was probably 8-9 accidents along with the Atlanta traffic we had to drive through. It was tiring to say the least (definitely use the app Waze if you’re doing a similar road trip!) and we decided that when we got there it would be unpacking, dinner, and bed. If we even got to the unpacking part – Lol. We stayed in a little tiny house in East Nashville that we found on Airbnb. I loved staying here! It wasn’t too far from downtown (the farthest we had to drive was 20-25 minutes) and East Nashville is super cute.

We decided to head to Nicky’s Coal Fired Pizza for dinner, and split a pizza. It was delicious! After studying abroad in Florence, Italy last semester I must admit it was better than most American attempts at impersonating authentic Italian pizza. The atmosphere was really cute – outside there was string lights and a quiet patio, inside was livelier. We sat outside and the service was quick and super attentive! It was a great experience overall. After that it was definitely time for bed (after that exhausting drive!)

We woke up Saturday morning and headed out the door around 10 am. The first place we went was a coffee shop in East Nashville, called Cafe Roze. It’s all bright and pink and I was so excited to try it! We had plans to get donuts for breakfast, but I wanted to grab a coffee to go here first. It was the cleanest cutest environment with tons of murals and breweries surrounding it. I caught a glimpse at the food being served and it looked absolutely delicious! But hey – the donuts were calling our names.

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On our journey to get donuts, we got a little sidetracked by the cutest vintage store EVER! I loved the decor on the outside, so of course we had to drop in and try on all of the fun clothes, play with the old cameras, and take photos! This was a higher end vintage shop so I didn’t make any purchases, but it was very cool to see the old cowboy boots and Nashville memorabilia.

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Our next stop was the Nashville famous Five Daughters Bakery in 12th South. We got the vanilla creme donut and the s’mores donut! Both SO delicious ahh! I loved how cute the exterior was and the fun atmosphere. I’m also thanking my lucky stars that we got there so early because it seemed to get SO crowded as soon as we left.

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After we enjoyed our donuts we walked around 12th South, exploring all of the fun murals, adorable stores, and scouting out where we wanted to eat next. A few of my favorite stops were Amelia’s flower truck, and the murals we passed by like the iconic ‘I Believe in Nashville’ mural and the ‘Make Music Not War’ mural (which I posted an outfit post in front of that you can read here).

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We weren’t quite hungry for lunch yet, so we headed away from 12th South and towards The Gulch for some antique shopping. The Gulch has THE COOLEST vintage store called the ‘Downtown Antique Mall‘. If you are into the vintage vibe even in the slightest I highly encourage you to check this place out. It is so big (it took us 30+ minutes to get through all of it) and has some seriously cool finds like old cameras and vintage signs. A seriously hidden gem!

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After our quick little detour we decided to head back to 12th South for lunch. We were a little worried about parking this late in the day, but luckily Bartaco, our lunch place of choice, had complimentary valet parking. It was crazy crowded inside so we decided to avoid the wait and instead go for a seat at the bar. The tacos were delicious and the atmosphere was so fun. The people working were having a blast along with the people drunk off margaritas. Definitely a good place to stop for lunch if you’re in the 12th South area.

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Post lunch we were exhausted, and the Clemson game was on, so we headed back to our tiny house in East Nashville to chill for a little bit. We ended up spending almost all night just relaxing and went back out to grab a quick bite to eat and brought it back home with us. We also had some snacks we bought the night before from Trader Joes so we thought it would be the perfect time to rest up for an early brunch + long drive home.

In the morning we got up, packed up all of our things and loaded them in the car. We wanted to fill our bellies with breakfast food before we hit the road back to South Carolina, but unfortunately Nashville had other plans. Our first brunch destination was Sky Blue Cafe. A place that had Nutella and french toast pancake sandwiches we saw on Buzzfeed. It was one of those staple things we really wanted to do. Sadly the seating was limited and so was our time so we really couldn’t do the hour long wait. We also tried The Frothy Monkey, The Pancake Pantry, Biscuit Love… All lines out the door. So we decided to settle for Starbucks and call it a day – at least we saved some money right? Moral of my story: make reservations for Sunday brunch, you will not regret it.

After we scarfed down our Starbucks, I wanted to take some outfit photos that I didn’t get to take at brunch. So we headed to Three Brothers Coffee and it was SO CUTE! Perfect for pictures, and I was so mad I had just got a Starbucks coffee and couldn’t buy one there. If you’re looking for a fun place to take photos I really love this place – there weren’t a lot of people and it was back in a little alcove so no one was giving me strange looks for my dramatic poses. There are a few photos below from our quick photo session, and you can read the full outfit post (and shop it!) here.

Nashville Rolling Stones Tee-2Nashville Rolling Stones Tee-8Nashville Rolling Stones Tee-7

If you’re visiting Nashville soon I hope this post was helpful! We definitely had to squeeze quite a bit into a very short amount of time but it was so fun and so worth it!

Thanks For Reading!

xx, Adrienne

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