Nashville Outfit Diary: Lace Up Top

This past weekend I got to spend some time in the one and only Nashville TN. I was so excited to go – I even bought new clothes for the trip. Unfortunately I was sent into panic mode when my clothes arrived exactly 10 minutes after I had left for the trip, causing me to turn around with a sigh of relief and head back. Dramatic, I know – but because of it I’m even MORE proud to show you all of the super fun outfit I’ve gotten to put together, style, and shoot in front of the oh so famous Nashville murals.

This location we shot at is in 12th South, and I stumbled upon it along with hundreds of other adorable photo locations while just exploring the area. I feel like this mural is a pretty icon Nashville mural! I also loved Sarah Belle’s guide to Nashville murals (and ALL of her Nashville guides they’re all so great!) which you can read here. My next outfit post is actually at one of her suggested locations too – can you guess which? HINT – if you follow me on IG you probably already know!

My first outfit is from my full day in Nashville – we arrived Friday night, had pizza for dinner and fell asleep until the morning. But that will all be documented in the “What We Did” post. Regardless, Saturday morning we were awake and ready to explore. I had so much on the agenda I knew I wanted to wear my favorite outfit I had ordered, which happened to be this lace up top (and the jean skirt I wear almost every day not gonna lie).  I must say, I seriously love this top. It’s white so it looks great with denim, its off the shoulder so obviously its flattering, and it’s SO trendy. And it’s also on major sale!

All of the links to everything you see me wearing are below, as well as some similar items you can shop just for fun.

Nashville Laceup Top-18Nashville Laceup Top-12Nashville Laceup Top-14Nashville Laceup Top-2Nashville Laceup Top-16Nashville Laceup Top-8Nashville Laceup Top-15

Stay tuned for my next Nashville outfit diary + more about my trip coming this week!

XX, Adrienne

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