The Free People Sweater You’ll Want To Live in This Fall

I always seem to find one sweater that is a mix between casual and dressy, and becomes my Fall go to piece. This year all I have been wearing is this Free People sweater! I love the way I can wear it off the shoulder, OR layer it. It has a popcorn texture that is comfortable yet trendy, and I am honestly so impressed by the quality. I’m not sure if it’s because it already has a “worn” feel to it or what, but my sweater has shown absolutely NO wear and tear at all. It’s hung with me through all of the long days of class and my low quality washer and dryer in my apartment. But if I’m being honest, my favorite part about this sweater is the color. This beautiful magenta is way out of my comfort zone, but it makes me feel trendy even when I’m walking to class. It also comes in a daring red and a sky blue which are both on my wishlist right now.

I’ve been seeing tons of fashion gurus pulling off the oversized sweater + flowy skirt combo lately. Usually I would be so skeptical of this trend because when I try to pair two loose pieces of clothing, more often than not I look like a glorified paper bag. But the cinched seam at the end of the sleeves and the end of the sweater makes it work so well! I’m pretty happy with the look and how it turned out, because sometimes what you see in your head simply is not what you get when you try it all on. All of my fellow outfit planners can attest to this I’m sure.

One last thing I want to talk about regarding the sweater is sizing! Free People is know to be a little bit oversized with some of their loose clothing, especially tops. I usually wear a medium, but when buying sweaters I go for a size large because cozy is all I care about, plus the oversized look is so in. With this sweater I bought a size small. I feel like that says a lot about the sizing! A few things to note when sizing yourself: the neckline is very large. It easily goes off my shoulder and if it were a size larger would fall too much on me. It isn’t too cropped, but if I lift my arms and I’m not wearing something high waisted it might be a little showy. I would for sure recommend sizing down, maybe even two sizes! But it’s totally up to you and your body/preference of fit. We are so different when it comes to these things – hopefully my sizing recap helped you out a little bit!

I linked this entire outfit at the bottom of the post + some similar items. My skirt is out of stock but I found plenty of gingham skirts that were similar. Any skirt would look great with this sweater if you want to try and get my look. I’m wearing my usual gold jewelry and white sneakers, which would be where you could add your personal touch to the look! Happy shopping!

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