Welcome To The Next Chapter…

Hey guys! Notice anything different? Lol I’m kidding, because obviously you can tell I’m on an ENTIRELY different site! This is a project I’ve been working on rigorously for over a month, and daydreaming about for even longer. When I started my blog back in high school my style and outlook on life were very different. My last site felt like it was a part of the past, and I wanted it to showcase how much I’ve evolved. Most of my old posts are still available, but I want everything on this new site to communicate my new brand – who I am now!


In this new chapter of my content creating journey, I decided to take the leap and upgrade to a new site on WordPress and leave my old Blogger one behind. Don’t get me wrong I loved my blogger site SO much! But I felt like it took me as far as it could, and I’m ready to take it all a step further. I want to improve my consistency, my quality of photos, and my overall content for you all. I think that it’s SO important to hold yourself to a high standard when it comes to things that you do with your personal brand. I found myself feeling less motivated to blog and that was something I could never stand for. I think that this step, especially how much work I put into it, will be huge for me.


You may be asking yourself “Okay great, but how does this affect me again?” and that is what I’m here to answer. I want it to be easier than ever for you guys to shop my looks, read my posts, and basically get involved in everything I’m putting out there. For example, I have my ‘How I Edit My Insta Photos’ in my sidebar! A highly requested video that is easily available. I now have a ‘Shop’ tab that takes you to either my Instagram or my closet, either you can shop with only a few clicks. It’s truly so much easier this way, and I hope you guys feel the same. Please give me any feedback you have about the workings of the site, or any input for that matter! I want to be the best at doing what I love to do, and making content you all love to read.


On top of all that, I will be devoting more time to creating. I’ll be featuring more sales and deals on my Instagram stories or blog. I’ll be hunting down more trendy style dupes and finding new ways to inspire your inner girl boss. There will be more travel guides, more college content, and more of everything you guys enjoy reading. I want to thank all of the people who read A Dash of Class, and I want to thank everyone who interacts with me on Instagram whether it be through comments, questions, or polls. I want to thank all of the people who watch my Youtube videos and give me feedback – and everyone who encourages me on a daily basis. Being your own ‘brand’ is never easy and I couldn’t do it without all of the wonderful people in my life and all of you reading this right now. YES all of you! I am so appreciative.


Here’s to the next chapter & all it will bring me on A Dash of Adrienne.

xx, Adrienne


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