Closet Staple: Fashion Sneakers

Today I am very excited to talk about a staple that you all told me was huge for you AND is huge for me! I good pair of sneakers for being fashionable and trendy is essential to every wardrobe. A lot of you said white sneakers, which I definitely agree with. White sneakers are so versatile and SO cute. But that isn’t my pick today – woops! I have three shoe options for you, as usual with my closet staple series. One shoe is my pick, which is my very favorite, sworn to the ends of the earth (lol – dramatic) best option for this closet staple. The second two options are a few more of my faves, one being a splurge item, and another being an affordable option! So really there is no excuse for not making this your closet staple too.

As the sneakers with dresses trend comes to its peak, we can all say we have tried it at least once. And if you love it – great, you have an amazing excuse to purchase some new sneakers thanks to this post and you can rock them with your fave dress. If you’re so-so about the dresses with sneakers trend I’m here to let you know about the many options that come with the increase in sneaker trendiness. Dress up your tee and running shorts for class, make a fun romper or jumpsuit just a little bit more trendy. The possibilities are honestly, endless, which is why I’m totally for this item as a closet staple.

My sneaker pick may surprise you, but here it is: Vans! I have never owned a pair of Vans until slightly recently, but in all honestly I have chosen to wear them everyday since. I love wearing them to class, I have worn them with a maxi dress, and I am continuing to style them in new ways everyday. One of the biggest things I look for in a quality pair of sneakers (besides how much I think I could style them, lol) is comfort. And man, Vans are way more comfortable than I thought they would be!

Splurge Sneakers

My splurge sneakers are a pair that a lot of you had sent in as your closet staple! And these are the all white Adidas superstars.  So many of you thought these shoes were perfect to have as your staple shoe. I love all white shoes like these, and am also a big fan of these Vionic shoes (good for travel because SO comfy), and the vans all white slip ons. Any splurge you make on fashion sneakers – make them worth it, AKA survey the important things: are they comfy? Are they neutral (adjacent to your wardrobe colors – as most closet staples should be)? And do YOU like them? Make sure you aren’t buying just because an item is trendy.

 I love these UNDER $25 staple sneakers from Forever 21! They are so cute and super neutral with a pop of color in the red of green stripe (major Gucci vibes). I feel like Forever 21 is the best place to find trendy items that are a great bang for your buck. Honestly, the quality is good, and everything is so on trend. They are killing it lately! Hunting around the store can of course be a pain, so its nice to be able to shop online, especially when their web exclusives are so cute. These sneaks would be great because you wouldn’t have to worry about getting them dirty since they are SO inexpensive. I know that is usually a major concern with white sneakers for people looking to buy them. Try this affordable alternative!

I hope this post inspires you to go out and get yourself a pair of sneakers that you can pair with any outfit your heart so desires! I promise once you have a pair of fashion sneakers you will want to wear them 24/7. Just make sure they’re comfy!

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xx, Adrienne



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