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Hi everyone! For my second post in my Back To College series, I’m doing a collab about Sorority Recruitment! I just went through recruitment last year, so everything you all will go through as PNM’s is super fresh in my head. While I’m covering the outfit portion of recruitment (which trust me is extensive) the other half of this collab, which is a general Q&A about rounds and the process of rushing, is covered by Maya of! Over on her blog she covers slang terms, and all of the questions you are probably asking yourself! You can read that post here. Ya’ll, I love her blog, and recommend following her on social media as well as reading up on her past posts!

Getting started, I want to break down outfits into rounds and start from the ground up. Some of this will be common knowledge that a lot of you may already know about sorority recruitment, but I just want to make sure we are all on the same page.

* DISCLAIMER: I went through recruitment at Clemson University, so I’m speaking solely from my experience, as well as information drawn from articles I have read or stories my friends have told me. This may not apply to every school.

Some of my FAVE places to shop for recruitment here:
Target (Shoes/Jewelry)
Nordstrom (Rompers/Dresses)
Asos (Tops/Shorts/Jumpsuits/Rompers/Dresses)
J. Crew (Shorts/Skirts)
Forever 21
Urban Outfitters
Kendra Scott

Round One: Open House
This round is casual, at most schools you will be given a T-Shirt to wear and will need to pair it with shorts, jewelry and shoes to make it unique.
TIP #1

Go light on the makeup, and jewelry. Over-doing it will distract the girl you are talking to from what you’re saying, which is what really matters! Simple gold jewelry will give you an ora of class, and will match any color shorts/top! This is the only round I linked jewelry for because you need it a little more since you are only wearing the same T-shirt as everyone else!

The choker I wear everyday.

My good luck charm bracelet through all of recruitment.

TIP #2
Pick out neutral shorts/skirts – you may not know the design or color of the shirt until its too late to search extensively for the ‘perfect’ thing to wear. Also, stay away from denim! Chambray, gingham, stripes, or solid colors work well.


TIP #3

Comfortable shoes will be vital to your survival. Just trust me on this one. Cute + comfy wins the race!

The white sneakers I wear 24/7 that are made for comfort.


Round Two: Philanthropy Round

This round is all about service, so you’re looking at a casual dress, or a skirt and a top, maybe even a fun romper! White jeans and a dressy top could also be appropriate.

Tip #1
Avoid bodycon dresses and rompers, deep v-necklines, or excessive cutouts – again, they are going to distract from the conversation you’re having and could send the message that you don’t really respect the sorority you are walking into.


Tip #2

In this round it is a possibility that you will be sitting! If you’re wearing a skirt (or dress for that matter) make sure you are comfortable being on the ground or sitting in a chair. If you’re wearing denim and a top make sure it is comfortable to sit in and shows only what you want when you aren’t standing!
Tip #3
You can basically wear the same type of shoe you wore last round, a fancier sandal is totally appropriate, but heels are not necessary.

The platforms I wear everywhere.

Round Three: Sisterhood Round

Sundresses are your godsend this round! Or a romper that is on the fancier side. Wedges are appropriate (and probably a lot more comfortable than those heels you have), and with the new platform sandal trend being so in, I would even opt for those if possible!

Tip #1
If you’re going for trendy, a romper or jumpsuit is always fun. And comfortable!


Tip #2
Show off your style this round with a dress you would pick out for a graduation party or something similar.


Tip #3
I am a huge proponent of not only wedges but platform sandals. They are so much more comfortable than heels and totally acceptable this round. Keep your feet comfortable while you can! Next round you may not be so lucky!


Round Four: Preference Round
This round is fancy. No questions asked, no exceptions. I haven’t heard of a school that doesn’t make this round their very fanciest. Cocktail dresses are perfect, and you can’t go wrong with a nude heel. Something classy is always a good idea!

Tip #1
A lot of sororities will wear black or white this round. You don’t necessarily have to avoid these colors, but if it makes you feel uncomfortable to be matching with the sorority girls, stand out with a floral print or a bright color!


Tip #2
While comfy shoes are still vital, this round you’ll be walking a little bit less since you will only be seeing a maximum of three sororities. Stress the classiness & elegance of the shoe a little more than the feel good this round. If you have a long walk – bring sandals to walk in!


Read my top tips for sorority recruitment here.

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