TRAVEL GUIDE: Florence, Italy

If you’re headed to Florence, Italy soon you’ve found the right blog post! In this guide I’m recapping all of my favorites in Firenze. A little bit of history on me and my blog if you’re new – last semester I studied abroad in Florence for about four months. During that time my love for travel grew immensely and I felt the need to share it even more on my blog. I made the streets of Florence my home, and I never looked back. This post is the collection of places that made me fall in love with Florence, and will make you fall in love too!
And without further ado… Lets get to experiencing Florence!




Let’s start with the most important meal of the day. Coffee… Obviously!
La Menagere: An adorable flower shop + cafe with a vintage feel. They have everything from pastries to full meals, and more importantly delicious coffee. This is one of the places you can get iced coffee (and they have soy and almond milk!) in Florence as well as a decent sized cappuccino. The whole place gives me Anthropologie vibes and I absolutely adore it.

La Milkeria: Another one of the rare spots to get iced coffee. Their coffee is delicious and they also have gelato, crepes, and waffles! I great dessert breakfast spot, but I also love to go here to get coffee to go.

Newscafe: A great place to sit down and do work. And best of all – they do adorable art on the cappuccinos! They even have a few drinks with Nutella in them which are delicious. They offer a few pastries, but mostly just coffee and other drinks.


Brunching is my absolute favorite activity. When you get sick of all of the Italian cuisine (or maybe you never will… Because its that delicious), these spots are a great option to mix it up.

Rooster Cafe: Hands down my favorite brunch place in Florence. Delicious food with lots of choices, and a ton of healthy options like smoothies, juices, and salads. Not too pricey, but usually very busy so be ready for a small wait!
Ditta Artigianale: Another great place for brunch with a ton of delicious options. The atmosphere is adorable, and they also have iced coffee!


Don’t worry, I covered every major food group here. Pizza. Pasta. Panini’s.

The Central Market: This place has almost any kind of food or drink you could want for a good price. It is essentially just a market full of different food vendors, all of which are extremely tasty. It’s right outside of the leather market, so you can shop & then stop for a meal! Make sure to try the pasta, pizza, and maybe a spritz!
The Panini Toscani team making the sandwiches – these are also all of the bread choices displayed in the window!
Panini Toscani: If you do anything at all on this guide – go here. Wait in the line if there is one. For only 6 euro, you can have the best panini you will ever have (not to set your expectations high or anything…) along with a taste testing of all of the local meats and cheeses they offer. As a picky eater, I love the idea of a taste test before choosing what to get. But honestly, any combination of their meats and cheeses are amazing!


Trattoria 13 Gobbi: We went here for our very last dinner in Florence after hearing remarkable things all semester. Dinner here is great, but this place is also open (and less busy) for lunch until 3 pm. Their signature dish is the rigatoni. It is SO good! The atmosphere is great and I highly recommend trying it. If you’re coming here for dinner you will need a reservation – stop by and they will pencil you in.


Italian dinners are simply an event. They are late (read more about the difference in Italian dining time in my Italy travel guide here), long, and full of good wine and food that will fill you to the brim.

I got the margherita pizza + house wine – delicious and a good price!

Golden View: This is the spot where I went for my birthday dinner. It’s a little bit fancier, but overall isn’t too pricey. I loved the atmosphere, and the view was astounding. We had a seat right next to the window that looked out across the river and at the ponte vecchio. They also have a jazz room and a few other rooms with different views.

La Giostra: This is a great place for a “fancy Italian dinner”. The food was absolutely amazing, but definitely a little bit more expensive. There are string lights inside that make the atmosphere cozy and romantic. The menu is in all Italian, and most of the waiters don’t know a ton of english. But honestly, it doesn’t matter – anything you order will be delicious.

ZaZa Trattoria: We went here for one of the first dinners we had in Florence. It was middle of the road price wise, but the food was delicious & so was the wine! The atmosphere is very quintessential Italian, and its in a fun area of Florence – perfect for a post dinner stroll.

A little sample of the deliciousness that is Gusta pizza!

Gusta Pizza: This was my favorite pizza place in Florence! A pizza is only around 6-7 euro and if you ask they will make it in the shape of a heart for you. You can get it to go, or eat there, and its even delicious to heat up and eat later. Make sure you have cash – they don’t take card here!

Osteria del Gatto e la Volpe: A great classic Italian place for a good pasta dish. The staff was sweet, and its very centrally located, so its great to stop in while you’re exploring and sightseeing.


If you go to Italy and don’t get gelato did you really even go?

 Gelateria La Carraia: This is my top favorite gelato spot in Florence. They have cones for just one euro (and bigger cones/cups for a little bit more) and all of their flavors are so delicious. If you want some traditional Italian gelato, this is your place. They’re famous for their almond milk flavor, which I always pair with their rich dark chocolate and literally drool over.

La Milkeria: Okay, I know I already featured this in the coffee section but their gelato is also to die for. It gives a more soft serve gelato feel, but its very delicious and also affordable!

Edoardo’s: Hello vegan + organic options! This lovely little spot has the cutest interior, and although its a little bit pricier due to it being around the Duomo, it has great flavors and is known for its all natural ingredients. Fun fact: this is also Beyonce’s favorite gelato shop!

Late Night Food:

I had to include this category because well, we’ve all been there. Sometimes you just need your late night fix.

Los Chicos: If you’re in need of a late night burrito, or just miss Chipotle, this is probably the closest you will get. They are open until 3 am, and located right next to the American karaoke bar – so make a night out of it!

They have two locations in Florence – the most prime location is right outside the Duomo.

Mister Pizza: Actual quality pizza, open until 4:30 am, that is probably the best late night slice you’ll ever have. Italian pizza obviously puts all other pizza to shame – but who would’ve thought you could use it to satisfy your 2 am cravings.

The Secret Bakery: Florence is known for having secret bakeries in the streets that open at around 2 am. You can usually smell them, or you will see other people getting a quick croissant. We asked for ‘anything with chocolate’ and got a warm chocolate croissant that was incredible – but sadly very overpriced. Worth it for the experience though, it was a fun find!


There are so many beautiful sights to see in Florence. Around every corner is something new and exciting – I’m here to make sure you see all of the important things! But don’t forget to just wander!

The Duomo + The Baptistery: When I studied abroad I lived in an apartment that looked right out at the duomo on Via Del Proconsolo. You probably know this if you follow me on Instagram, because well, I posted a picture of my view everyday. This is a great place for photos, and is absolutely breathtaking.

The Ponte Vecchio: You have to see the Ponte Vecchio! There is often live music here, and tons of shopping. It gets crazy crowded on the bridge, so seeing it from afar is sometimes the best go, but crossing it once or twice is a must.


Michelangelo’s David: Definitely did not give this enough credit, it’s so incredible to see in person! The first Sunday of the month all of the museums in Florence are free so take advantage or pay the price (its worth it) to see The David and all of the other art in the Galleria dell’Accademia.

The Churches of Florence: Santa Croce, Santa Maria Novella, or any of the churches in Florence are breathtaking. You’ll definitely run into them as you’re walking around, but make a point to see them if not.


As many things as there are to see, theres even more to do in Firenze! Museums and breathtaking sights are plentiful – soak it all in while you can.

Climb The Duomo: BOOK THIS IN ADVANCE! Especially if you’re planning your visit during tourist season (late April-August). You can see the entire city from the top of the duomo! It costs 18 euro and is one of the most historical parts of Florence.

Shop at The Leather Market: Bring some cash and buy yourself a new wallet, a new belt, or a new purse! They have even more options than what I just mentioned, and even if you don’t buy anything its so fun to shop and see what is offered. You can barter the prices down for almost anything, so definitely do it because you can get some great deals!

The view from the top of Piazzale Michelangelo.

Hike Up To Piazzale Michelangelo: …and bring a bottle of wine! This is the best view of Florence, and the best way to see the sunset. They often have live music, and its a great place to relax, take pictures, and hang out with friends. Some of my favorite memories in Florence were here. Also a great place if you’re looking for a end destination for a good run.

Walk Around The Boboli Gardens and Pitti Palace: The Pitti Palace is an old palace of Florence full of ancient art and beautiful interiors. But my personal favorite part is the costume museum, where you can view old fashion such as hats, dresses and coats by big name designers such as Valentino. The Boboli Garden access comes with the Pitti Palace ticket – so definitely check them out! There is a great view of the city from parts of the garden so definitely explore a little bit.

Hopefully this post was helpful if you’re looking to visit Florence soon! I studied abroad in Florence for four months & am thinking about doing a post about living in Florence as a study abroad student. Let me know if that would be something you would be interested in – and as always comment below if you have any questions!

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