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Today I’m giving you all a glimpse into my favorite snowy day attire, BUT – more importantly, I’m answering all of your questions about the place that this lovely knit sweater is from. I’m sure most of you have heard of the website that has recently taken over the internet due to its vast variety of adorable clothing options with an even better looking price tag. has become one of those sites that everyone peruses for outfit inspiration, but is slightly afraid to buy from because it just seems like it’s too good to be true. A lot of you were commenting on my Instagram saying that you’ve never really bought for that reason!

I felt the same exact way, but I wanted to take the risk and see what happened anyways. I wrote a short review on SheIn, specifically referencing this sweater and a few other purchases I’ve made. I also gathered some of your questions as well as questions that I had before ordering and answered them between photos down below!

If you’re at all curious about purchasing from SheIn don’t hesitate to reach out and ask any other questions you have! I’m really trying to be as honest as possible with you all, and give you the very best tips in the game. I really hope this helps make your shopping experience with SheIn easier & more successful! 🙂 So without further ado…


As this is just a preface for the in depths questions to follow – I’ll make it brief. is an awesome place to purchase clothing for a cheap price. You can style their pieces to a 10 – making them look expensive and stylish. That being said, shopping smart plays a huge role in what is really in the package on your front doorstep. I gave my very best tips in the questions to follow, but a few things I want you to know if this is the only part of this post you read is; order early, size up, and you get what you pay for!

And about this sweater – if you’re going to buy anything on SheIn, it is 100% this. The cut is incredibly flattering, it is thick knit great quality, and an amazing color. Online, it looked slightly more brown to me, but when I received it I was pleasantly surprised to see it had an orange tint, which happens to be the color of my college! Burnt orange is a classic yet trendy color that I have come to love lately, and this sweater is no different. I love the way that you can wear it off the shoulder if you’re so inclined. So here is me, signing off this review to enter my Q&A, and telling you that you need this sweater in your closet! ASAP!


Q: Do the products look the same as they do in the photos online?
A: In my experience with SheIn, some products have been absolutely identical, while others have been slightly off in color, size, or fit. I think it really depends on how it is displayed on the site, for example, the clothes that you see on models probably won’t fit you the same way they’re displayed. But this sweater on the other hand, was displayed as a basic photo on a hanger – and it turned out exactly as it looked! I think another very important tip when ordering is to leave room in your mind for error. If you need a piece to look an exact way for it to be wearable, you should probably hold off on the purchase!


Q: What is the sizing at like? Does it run small or large? What are the ‘one size fits all’ products like?
A: Everything on SheIn runs small, and on occasion true to size. Nothing runs large. I would order up just to be safe in almost every occasion. With the ‘one size’ items, it differs case by case. With sweaters, you’re probably safe, but with more tighter fitting clothing I would be careful! Know your body type, and the way you like to wear your clothes – I can’t stress this enough!



Q: Have you ever had a really terrible product, and what was it?
A: Fortunately, most of the things I’ve ordered have come in pretty decent shape! I did order a two piece set that came in way too small for me, but I knew that one was a risk. I told myself I would order up next time and I could still wear the bottoms – just not the top! I think the important thing about ordering from SheIn, which I previously mentioned, is knowing your body type, your size, and the way you like to wear clothing and keep that in mind when ordering. I usually order up quite a bit considering I like an over-sized look, its all about personal opinion!



Q: How long does it take to receive your order from
A: I would give yourself a solid three week window to receive your order from You can pay for faster shipping, and a lot of the times it comes in sooner than this, but just in case I always order early. Because they are shipping from so far away (& I’m talking about shipping to me – in the US!), its easy for something to happen that can delay the package. Just give it time and order early, and you will be totally fine! I have never not received an item I ordered.



Q: Overall – is the product quality worth the price?

A: I think that like I stated in the review – you get what you pay for. The prices aren’t as high as those are Nordstrom, so you won’t get that quality! But I think that for the low price, it is definitely worth ordering a trendy item you don’t want to splurge on, or a dupe of a product you just can’t afford right now. I love SheIn and have had so many successful orders from them. Overall, I would recommend placing an order as long as you are smart and follow all of my tips!

You can purchase my sweater here.

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If you have any other questions at all please contact me! I’ll reply to instagram DM’s, blog comments, or anything really! I love when you guys reach out 🙂
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