How To Plan Your Vacation Like a Blogger

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This post contains all of the long kept secrets about how bloggers (in this case, me, lol) find the most fab places for every vacation.
…So read on and get planning!
As a little intro I would like to say this disclaimer: I am not the ‘be all end all’ in blogger vacay planning – I’m merely sharing the tips I use to find insta-worthy fun locations that bloggers with my appreciation for a good aesthetic would approve of. You can take my advice and run with it or honestly, run away from it. All up to you – enjoy!
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No. 1: Use past bloggers and Instagrammers experiences. 

Okay lets be real – the best resources for vacation hot spots are those who have seen, heard and tasted the town. The locals, the frequent vacationers, or the very very well planned. Use their past experiences (blog posts, Instagram posts, Pinterest photos, tweets, anything) and make them your experiences! Gathering from various sources is important – you want multiple perspectives and multiple experiences to guarantee you’re doing the things you want to do the most.

No. 2: Save your screenshots.

Instagram Collections. Honestly, must I say more? I’m obsessed with the new Instagram collections feature. I save posts from any accounts I follow that go to fun spots to eat, take pictures, or shop. Then I organize them into collections, naming them by city so that when I finally make it to that spot I can easily reference those pictures along with their exact location. It makes your life easier and helps your Insta aesthetic!

No. 3: Go to the cute places. 
I guess I will admit that a lot of the time I pick out where I’m going based on how cute it looks – but I always make sure to factor in good reviews! The places I want to go need to be the whole package; AKA blogger approved, adorable, and if I’m eating – delicious food. Never settle for less! You can always find something that meets the requirements!


No. 4: Location Based Planning is Key.
Now that you have the things you want to do and see – know where everything you want to do is and plan accordingly. If lunch is near the shops you want to hit, do that before or after. I know this one is obvious, but it is so important to saving time and hitting everything you want to do. AND making time to squeeze in the extreme amount of necessary pictures that us bloggers like to take! Woops!


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