Alpha Phi Bid Day 2017!!

For those of you who have experienced bid day once, twice, or maybe even more you know how amazing and fun it is! For us sorority girls, bid day is Christmas. We have 50+ adorable new babies running into our arms and becoming our new best friends, littles, or grand littles! We also get to dress up in a fun theme which just adds to the fun. This year our theme was Alpha Phi & The Chocolate Factory! Everything we wore was candy themed with purple, pink, teal and white colors. We held up lollipop signs and golden tickets, as well as other various fun Alpha Phi props. I wanted to share all of my fun pictures with you all because I loved our theme SO much, and would love to inspire anyone on the edge to GO GREEK! I swear its just as much fun as it looks.
The fun pictures above were taken on Bowman Field, where the new girls run down to us! If you can’t tell from the background, it is the best kind of chaos – and that was even before the babies ran down!



A Phi’s are lucky because our housing has the best brick walls for pictures! We had to stop on our way to the bid day festivities to snap some pictures on my friends camera, and I love how they turned out! The brick wall makes our outfits pop in the best way.


If you recently had bid day what was your theme?! I would love to hear all about it!
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