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Hi everyone! I’m so excited to share my dorm room with you all! I used a lot of pieces from last year, and some new finds to make the cutest most inspiring home for the next year that I possibly could! I linked TONS of the items I used in my dorm and other similar items below. You are allowed to live off campus in a house or an apartment sophomore year at my school but I’m living in a dorm again because it’s my sororities housing! It’s been so fun so far and I’m sure will get even more fun! If you ever have the opportunity to live with your greek community I highly suggest it.
It took me awhile to get everything in its right place (I moved in like last Wednesday… Lol) because I was so busy getting ready for recruitment stuff! Which by the way – is also a post that is in the works and will be live Monday. I’m going to recap all my outfits and a little bit about my experience on the other side of the recruitment process.
As you read through I wrote a little bit about each area of my room! Enjoy!
For my desk I actually stacked two shoe racks on top of each other for some fun shelving. I decorated it and put some books, jewelry holders, candles, smaller frames and more throughout the shelves! Similar items are linked below, but most of my items are from either Homegoods or Target. Seriously you guys, I think 90% of my room is from there!


I did a pretty simple bedding design, but I hated how boring the wall space seemed. I bought these white wire frames off Amazon and then decorated them (I know they’re a little bare – I’m still collecting trinkets for them!) with ribbon, coffee accessories, sunglasses, and magazine sunglasses. It’s so easy to personalize and have fun with! If you all want to see a post on the end result of these fun wire frames I would love to show you the finished product and explain how I came up with my inspiration for it.
My TV area is probably my favorite area of all. I’m obsessed with my tassel garland, which is actually two garlands strung together from Target (check the party section!) and my mug tree from Pier One! Which was a clearance find woop woop! I got my light box, and book ends from Homegoods. I also got the organizer cubby from Amazon! Check for similar items below!
The sink area was small and hard to work with, but I think adding fun wall art and an acrylic organizer made it look a little classier and gave it some fun character. Both from Homegoods – I know you’re surprised lol!
If you have any questions about where anything specific is from leave me a comment & I will send you a link or let you know where I got it from! Hope you enjoyed this post! 🙂
Thanks For Reading!
xx, Adrienne


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  1. Ok, the shoe rack on your desk is honestly the best decision you could make in college. It provides a TON more space. Your dorm is super cute! xoGrace |

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