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It’s my first day of school!!! Yes, I’m a sophomore in college and still get excited about my first day of school outfit. I decided that besides showing you all my outfit, I wanted to give you some tips for the first day. ESPECIALLY if you’re just starting college! Warning: this post includes a lot of planning – I mean it is my blog right? Would you expect anything else?

This post is also a collaboration with Sally of the blog Sweetly Sally! She is showing you her first day of school outfit as well (double the fashion inspo, get excited!) and giving some of her best tips. So after you read my post and shop my look, head straight to her post which is right HERE!





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Back To School Tips:

Use your schedule as your phone lock screen for the first week.
If you’re a college student exploring your school for the first time – this will be a huge help! Glancing at your (that we both know is always in our hand) for the times and room numbers will help ease the nerves, because you can double or even triple check!

Pick out your outfits the night before.
I try to do this every day, but especially do this for the first week of school. While you don’t have a ton of work, you should try to look somewhat put together! Trust me, a day will come when you can’t muster enough effort to pick out anything but running shorts and an oversized tee shirt.

Get your planner organization down BEFORE the homework starts rolling in.
If you’re wondering how I organize my planner, you can read about it here. Knowing the best way to keep organized before you are in full school swing will save you a lot of time, and help to keep you totally on track. Plan plan plan!

Be social while you can!
Once you hit your big exam time, or midterms, your days will become more full of studying and homework etc. Say yes to social events when the craziness isn’t hitting you, and you will totally feel better about turning down and invite to hit the library later in the year.

Same goes for working out!
Grab your friends and hit a fun workout class, or honestly just go for a run. You aren’t exhausted from classes yet so take advantage of it. I know I always feel more refreshed and energetic when I have a good workout schedule as well.

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