How To Organize Your Planner

Honestly, if you know me you know I love to organize. I use my planner religiously, but only recently found the perfect way to organize all my thoughts and tiny to do lists. When I say perfect… I mean perfect for me and my needs. This may be similar to what you do – but if not I’d love to hear your methods! I am always down for trying new organizational tips, especially when it comes to my planner or agenda!

My planner here.

I recently got a new planner which I LOVE (see picture above) because it is so adorable and decently sized. When I posted it on my Instagram story I had so many people ask me about it! I linked it up here so ya’ll can go buy it, its the cutest! I also decided to link up some of my favorite planners down below – in case you were in the market for a new one, it is that time of the year. 🙂
The first major thing I did that influenced how I organized my planner was make a list of my lists. Can you say ‘Type A’?! Lol – but seriously, I made a list of the different things I liked to have recorded on a daily basis. Here is what I came up with:
– To do lists for each day
– A schedule of major events that day (time/place/other info)
– Blog posts going live each day
– Deadlines for homework/work related tasks
– Meal Plans (if I’m cooking or meal prepping)
I’m sure there are a few more tiny things here and there that I would jot down as I go through my day, but these are the main things I like to list out in my planner. I took these all into consideration, prioritized them, and decided where each category of list would go. Some things made it on the page, some things were given a home on a sticky note, etc. It looked a little bit like this:

In my new planner, conveniently, everything seemed to be separated into four boxes for each day. I decided in the top box I would put the events I had that day (classes, sorority events, tutoring sessions, workout classes… Anything along those lines). In the next two boxes I put homework, and in the last box I put what was due that day, whether it be homework, paperwork, etc. There is a notes section for each week, which I also decided to utilize. In the top 2-3 boxes I wrote up meal plans for the week, and for the fourth box I put a schedule of my blog posts going live.

And if anything changed?

Which, spoiler alert: it did. Hello, life is chaos! I rewrote it on a sticky note and placed it over the previous box. If the change was minor I would either cross it off or white it out and change it. Not too difficult, but it keeps things clean!

I do have a color coding system, because I really am that obsessed with the inner workings of my agenda. I used like to color code my classes, as well as my activities. For example my Graphic Communications class/lab times, assignments, and due dates are all written in purple. And my sorority events are all written in red. Football games or other school affiliated activities are written in orange, and anything blog related is written in pink (my fave color of course!). I am personally such a visual person that color coding genuinely helps me to organize my planner. If you don’t need it, or don’t like it, don’t spend the time on it!

Fun doodles and stickers around your planner also keeps things light and fun. Remember, life is supposed to be planned only to an extent! But if you absolutely can’t stop planning, simply plan for a little bit of room for error because its bound to happen. I hope this post was helpful!

Thanks For Reading!

xx, Adrienne

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  1. I love your planner! So cute! I'm a huge list maker too. I need to start thinking about next year's planner, so thank you for all the great suggestions.

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