Yellow Polka Dots in The City

Who else loves yellow right now? I am obsessed with the happy and bright glimmer it brings to my wardrobe. I’m also obsessed with the sleeves, the fit, AND the little bow on this romper! Seriously you guys, it is perfect for any occasion, and it comes in another pattern too – check out my link below to find out what it is.

If you were following along with me on Instagram you saw that I went on a spontaneous trip to Chicago for the day on my way home from Michigan. I’ve been going to Chicago since I was a little girl and my aunt lived in the city. I was literally always dragging my mom to the American Girl store, and unfortunately I haven’t shaken my bossy trait and still drag her and the rest of my family to coffee shops and clothing stores. I shot these photos in the lovely Lincoln Park – a 10/10 must visit in Chi Town. It is a great, not too overcrowded area with lots to do and see!

If you want to read about my day trip itinerary you can do that here.

I decided to rock my new black shades (ray ban dupes) from Nordstrom BP because they made my outfit a little bit less southern belle and a little bit more trendy midwesterner – if you know what I mean! Lol, but seriously, I love these shades because they are neutral and casual, but also can be dressed up and worn with edgier clothing. Lots of bloggers have been wearing them, and since I can’t trust myself with nice sunglasses I opted for my trusty Nordstrom BP dupes.
A few of you have been asking about my purse – and I’m SO sorry it is not online anymore! I got it from SheIn for my trip to Europe last summer (it came in late and I didn’t end up being able to take it) and honestly haven’t stopped using it since. It looked similar to a Chloe bag with the ring detail on the front, and I love the neutral color! I’m working to find a dupe of it (a dupe of a dupe, lol it has really come to this guys) for you all and when I find one I will post it on my Instagram story! Follow along @adash_ofclass!
Romper/sunnies linked below 🙂
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xx, Adrienne

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